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Back to the cove

We woke up on a very cold Sunday and headed out to La Jolla Cove. It was a later start at about 7:00 AM. We got there and noticed the tide was in. I got hit in the chest with a couple of breakers on the way out, but nothing dangerous. I headed out to were I could see some fish jumping, while Danny stayed in just past the buoys, catching some mackerel for bait. I ended up catching a large mackerel with my squid and decided to troll the fish in hopes for a larger fish to go for it.

Danny, with a bucket of mackerel, caught up with me and we started trolling around. He saw a lot of barracuda going by, so he started casting his iron lure and got a lot of action. He hooked a HUGE barracuda when an even bigger sea lion came up and grabbed it, just as Danny was about to gaff it. The struggle ensued, with the sea lion taking my mackerel and getting my line tangled on Danny’s back. With the sea lion circling Danny’s kayak (and almost as big as his kayak) and surfacing for air, which sounded like a whale’s blowhole, Danny’s barracuda head (which was what was left of his catch) got caught on some lines that were from the sea lions previous thefts.

The struggle continued for several minutes, with me trying to get around to untangle my line from Danny, while Danny struggled to untangle his line before the sea lion capsized his kayak, some 3 miles from shore.

We finally got the line free and pulled up our respective fish heads, bitter that the sea lion got a nice brunch. We waited for the sea lion to plunder other boats before we started dropping squid over the side again. Danny ended up catching a red snapper and I caught a sculpin. We later saw some smaller harbor seals hanging out and they didn’t bother us at all, just napping and floating near us.

We paddled back to shore and saw some jellyfish on the way. Using his GPS, Danny estimated we paddled about 8 miles total. It was our furthest trip out yet. Not a huge catch, but we got plenty of action. It was not a bad day and I got to try out my new (used) kayak. It worked rather well, even though its nose rides out of the water since I am seated in the rear seat.

Skunked at La Jolla Cove

Went fishing at the cove with the Fisherman and the Teacher. Got skunked but still had a good time. Saw some seal lions and plenty of boiling bait. The Fisherman saw a pretty large shark following our kayak. Rode a nice wave on the way in and saw some more leopard sharks hanging in the shallows. Nice day, but would have been better if we brought back something aquatic.

The Fisherman in the growing light

The Fisherman in the growing light

Went Kayak Fishing

Caught some…

Told ya it was a bug

The Fisherman gets some tail

Not only did I go out again, but this time The Fisherman caught a nice big yellowtail. Gino caught a seal and we all saw some amazing sites, including more sharks, who I learned call the area home and are completely harmless. We also saw a big sea turtle. And I bought a gigantic kayak.

The Yak Bug

We went Kayaking this Saturday and I was astounded by the sheer quantity of life that can be found over at La Jolla Cove. It was The PM, The Teacher, The Fisherman, and myself. We caught plenty of mackerel for bait. There were two Calico Seabass or something like that. The Fisherman hooked what he thinks was a LARGE Yellowtail. It got tangled in kelp and ultimately got away. But I saw the fish struggle and I could tell it was HUGE.

We saw various birds above us and fish below us. We saw sea lions swimming around us. I even saw one lunge out of the water, with a fish leaping through the air, inches away from its nose.

Later, waiting while The Fisherman was coming in, I saw his eyes get big and look down. He waited until he was in the shallows before dismounting his Kayak. “Did you see those sharks?” he asked. I hadn’t. But now that he had mentioned it, I could see hundreds of sharks in the swells. Dark beasts, they appeared to be far larger than leopard sharks. That would account for the dead shovelnose guitarfish we saw on shore that had a bite taken out of it.

I decided to walk out to the sharks. On the way, I spied a small sting ray at my feet and was reminded to shuffle my feet, rather than walk out. When I got fairly close, the sharks just looked too big for comfort.

It looked something like the picture on the right (which is not mine).

I want to go back out there.